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Short Term Car & Van Insurance in Minutes

Short term car and van insurance cover can get you out of a fix. If you simply need to cover an extra driver on your car for a few days, or need to be covered to drive someone else’s car, Safely Insured is the answer for you. We compare some of the UK's leading temporary insurers so you don't have to. You can get quotes within a minute and then purchase the cover online in just a few more. Your insurance documentation will then be instantly emailed to you.

Your Cover Secured – With Safely Insured

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Instant online cover from 1 to 84 days

Whatever the situation, if you need to arrange temporary cover, Safely Insured can get you on the road in minutes. Confident in the knowledge that you are Safely Insured - and with comprehensive cover!

•    1 to 84 Days – You select your preferred cover period
•    Comprehensive Cover – Cover for your vehicle in the event of a claim
•    Drivers Aged 18-75 Insured – Wide scope of ages covered
•    Learner Drivers Aged 17-30 – Cover to practise in your own or someone else's car from 1-140 days
•    Flexible Excess – Adjust your excess to a level that you are comfortable with
•    Impound Insurance – Release vehicle from an impound (legal minimum 30 days cover & Third Party Only)

Comprehensive Cover

All our temporary car insurance and short term van policies offer Comprehensive cover only - except for Impound Insurance cover (which is Third Party Only). Comprehensive cover insures you for accidental damage for the vehicle you are insuring, in addition to covering claims for Third Party damage and Fire & Theft.  So, with all our policies, you can relax in the knowledge that you are in a vehicle that is genuinely Safely Insured.

Comprehensive means the following are covered:

•    Damage to the insured vehicle following an accident
•    Fire, theft, vandalism and malicious damage – if not already covered under another policy
•    £20 million of property damage to others
•    Third Party claims for damage or injury
•    Please note – there is no windscreen cover with these policies

Instant Insurance Documentation

Long gone are the days of waiting a few weeks for your certificate of insurance to arrive. Instead, we will email your documentation to you immediately. You can print, save or store them as you wish for your records.  

What you will receive:

•    Certificate of Motor Insurance* 
•    Your Insurance Policy Schedule* 
•    Welcome email - with all our contact details, should you need assistance
•    Claims instruction – what to do and who to contact in the unfortunate event of a claim
•    Any Add-On Policy Documentation
•    Insurance Product Information Document & Policy Wording

*please read through this document on receipt to check all is in order

Licence Types

Our Insurers can cover a range of licence types, both UK and Non-UK. This means you will be able to arrange cover for friends or relatives visiting from abroad, providing they have an acceptable licence.

Licence types we can cover:

•    Full UK
•    Full EU
•    Full EEA
•    Commonwealth Countries
•    UK Provisional

Learner Driver Cover

We have included insurers on our panel that offer cover to learner drivers, both for those wanting to practise in a borrowed car, or in their own vehicle

Our insurers can offer cover to learners aged 17 to 25 if they are looking to learn in their own vehicle. This cover is available from 1 to 5 months, or, as an annual policy.

For those learners that don't yet own their own vehicle our insurers can offer cover for 1 to 140 days, this cover is available to learners aged 17 to 30.

Impound Cover

Impounded car insurance can assist you in the release of an impounded car. When you produce your car documentation at the impound, you will be required to produce insurance documentation valid for a minimum of 30 days. Not all policies are acceptable, as some standard insurance policies specifically exclude use for releasing cars from impounds.

Our impound policy meets the minimum legal requirement to release your vehicle from an impound.

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Buying A Vehicle or Test Drive

Often when you are looking at buying a vehicle you may not be certain if it's going to be the one for you. When you find the right vehicle, get some Drive Away insurance for a couple of days from Safely Insured and that allows you the luxury of some extra time to compare the best annual cover options without the urgency to commit straight away. 

•    Drive Away Cover - insurance for a few days

•    Purchase Instant Cover After Viewing Vehicle - you can get a quick quote from Safely Insured proir to the viewing, check the cover meets the Acceptance Criteria and activate if you decide to take the vehicle

•    Get Quote Prior & Activate Cover If Needed – check you meet our criteria

Temporary Additional Drivers

Friends or family come to stay with you and needs to use your car, simply buy some temporary additional insurance for that driver – Safely Insured is the answer. Whatever the period you need cover for, a day, a week, a month, or up to 84 days, we can offer instant hassle-free cover.

•    Add a Temporary Additional Driver to your car – Allowing visiting relatives more freedom

•    Avoid Risk to Annual Policy - A separate independent policy, so should an accident happen, the claim would only be on this policy, saving any risk to your No Claims Bonus

•    Non-UK Licences Covered – Relatives with EU / EEA / some Commonwealth Licences covered

Borrow A Friend’s Car or Van

If you do not own your own vehicle, or you have one but it's not suitable for the journey you are about to take or the furniture you need to move, getting some temporary car or van insurance on that vehicle may be the perfect solution for you. Instant online cover in minutes, meaning you can download your documents and drive without any hassle.

•    Borrow a More Suited Car - Going on a long trip and want to use a more comfortable car.

•    Borrow a Van – Need to move some furniture from the shop to your house.

•    You simply don't own your own car and need one

•    Holiday Trip – We could all do with a bit more luggage room on a long trip


Policy Wordings & Insurance Product Information Documents

Safely Insured offers quotes from a range of temporary car and van insurers, covering numerous scenarios when you may require short term insurance cover. For a list of products that we currently offer and to view the Policy Wordings & Insurance Product Information Documents prior to purchase, you can view these from our Policy Wordings page. 

To find out more about our short term car and van insurance cover, including our Acceptance Criteria and what our policies include, browse our website or visit our FAQs page.

You can read and download our Terms of Business and Privacy Policy on these linked pages.

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